Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust

Benefits of Public Art

A vibrant public art programme offers a range of benefits and opportunities for enhancing the urban environment, increasing the use and enjoyment of public space, and building social cohesion. Public Art provides a means of celebrating Stellenbosch’s unique culture, diverse communities and rich history. It offers shared symbols which build social cohesion, contribute to civic pride and help forge a positive identity for the town. Through this art, the town projects its collective identity and vision, while individuals and community groups are also empowered to express their unique identities.

Public art supports the creative industries, creating opportunities for artists and designers. Further, public art acts as a catalyst for development and economic growth through innovation, attracting visitors and stimulating investment.

Public art also
• Energises our public spaces
• Expands our thinking
• Transforms the places where we live, work and play
• Creates places of interaction
• Contributes to tourism offering, attracting new visitors.
• Sense of civic pride which research shows leads to less crime